The majority of residents calling into the Town Hall for dog waste bags have been making a donation in order to purchase additional supplies. I’m pleased to inform residents that so far the Market Weighton Town Council have already been able to obtain additional bags throughout the year. Residents are asked to continue making a small donation towards their bags so that these additional supplies can continue.

Obviously donations are up to individuals and I would add that we are not charging for them as some residents think. Unfortunately there are still residents who allow their dogs to mess up our streets and walking areas and do not pick up after their dogs. Some residents even pick it up but throw the bags into hedges. Please take it home if there is no bin in the vicinity.

Dog wardens are patrolling in many areas and offenders, when caught, will be fined.
In the meantime can we again thank those residents who do pick up after their dogs and
dispose of the waste responsibly?