Please note that all Town Council meetings and committee meetings are held on a Wednesday and are open to the public to attend as observers, however residents are invited to address the Town Council during 30 minutes set aside for this purpose at the start of the Regular Town Council Meetings only. If several residents attend who wish to address the Town Council the 30 minutes has to be shared between them.

At the Annual Town Council meeting every May the Town Mayor is elected by the councillors for the forthcoming civic year, councillors are chosen to sit on each of the town council committees and councillors are chosen to represent Market Weighton Town Council on other bodies.

The Annual Town Meeting, which also takes place in May, is chaired by the Town Mayor if he or she is present. A report of the previous year is tabled which will include copies of the annual financial report of the Town Council. Residents are invited to ask questions or make comments about the past year and offer suggestions that relate to the future of Market Weighton.


Any meetings will be advertised in advance on our website and noticeboards